Educational activities in the Rokiškis region


Pandėlys gymnasium (Rokiškis region) teacher Almantas Sriubiškis leads a wood carving club. Students are introduced with the stages of woodwork and techniques, materials used in carving, carving tools and their maintenece, tradicional Lithuanian folk wood decoration, wooden household items and so on. He taught various sharpening methods: silhouette cutting, trihedral carving (geometric carving), open carving, relief carving, open - relief carving. Club members took part in various events and projects. Inhabitants of Pandėlys are frequent participants in Republican crib exhibition in Rokiškis Area Museum. Since 2001 Rokiškis Area Museum has been organizing wood carvers plain-airs that are very good school for Lithuanian wood carvers, especially for beginners who just started to create. Young wood carvers have the opportunity to learn from experienced craftsmen and each of them are well versed ethnic traditions and have their own style and work manners. Since 2005 students are invited to the symposiums. With the help of teachers they carve works that are adapted for children games.

Together with wood carvers in Rokiškis Area Museum educational program, called “Secrets of the tree”, we will try to solve them. It will be interesting to know how to measure the height of the tree when it is uncut or which tree almost does not rot. You will see 25 species of trees timber, for example sawn, carved or sanded. You will learn what you can do from it and what tools are necessary. You will see how much wooden sculptures were gathered in the museum, who carved them, and you will try to carve your own ornament or a spoon. Where do the highest trees in Lithuania grow? All answers and other interesting things you will learn by participating in educational program “Secrets of the tree”.

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