Symposia in Rokiškis


The creative work of Lionginas Sepka and he himself are a unique phenomenon in Lithuanian culture. The innovativeness and originality of his creative work continue to inspire many new efforts among contemporary artists. In 2000, the Rokiškis Regional Museum prepared a project, "Wood-carving: ethnic traditions under the influence of 21st century innovations“. Its purpose was to propagate the originality embodied in the work of Lionginas Šepka, perpetuate his memory, and encourage wood-carvers to bravely explore new means of expression, while at the same time preserving ethnic traditions. The museum staff's project first gained support from the Culture and Sport Support Fund of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, and the Roki3kis District Municipality designated a large park, adjacent to a  esidential neighbourhood, for the sculptures to be placed in the future. The park was almost completely rvithout signs of life: there were absolutely no benches, people simply hurried through the territory in order to shorten their journey to the old part of town. During 9 symposia, 68 sculptures and sculptural compositions have been created. The park has become one of the most important features of the city of Rokiškis as well as a tourist destination. The sculpture park created by the wood-carvers of Lithuania is a wonderful way to perpetuate the memory of L. Šepka. And not just a preservation of the old. The park will show to generations in the future the status of Lithuanian wood-carving in the 21st century: its strengths and weaknesses, the creative explorations and even the occasional wrong-turn taken by the wood-carving masters.

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