Exhibition of cribs in Rokiskis area museum


Republic type exhibitions of cribs (Bethlehem) are prepared in Rokiskis area museum since Christmas in 1998. Italian artist, businessman and patron Angelo Frosio corresponding with Rokiskis area museum since 1994 has offered an idea of organization of them. It was rather a new idea so that the museum officers should have taken a lot of efforts to come this up to the reality.
Participators of cribs exhibitions are very different people: famous folk artists, pupils, pensioners etc. Very interesting point of these exhibitions is the fact that cribs are being created by whole families, classes and collectives. For the very wide circle of participators, the most various materials are being used: clay, straw, gasket, wood bark, linen, paper, dried plants and etc.

Creators of cribs characterizes with vivid fantasy and high artifice. There are masters, who participated in almost all exhibitions. Wood whittlers Saulius Lampickas (Alytus), Adolfas Teresius (Kaunas d.), Gintaras Varnas (Rokiskis), Anele Araminiene (Utena d.), Vytautas and Rokas Jackunas (Pasvalys), Janina Listvina (Jonava), Rimantas Zinkevicius (Ukmerge), Raimondas Dabkus (Raseiniai) and other are working a lot in this area. Each year they surprise with new searches and efforts to look into birth of Christ in other way. One of them shows characters detailed, other whittle figures very broad-brush without getting into searches of realness. Some authors try to recreate details common for the period of Christ’s birth. There are such authors who move crib of Christ’s birth into the house of Lithuanian village.
These exhibitions help to store, maybe, the only collection of cribs in Lithuania. We already have 100 cribs, mostly wooden that are being exposed in stockyard of museum and visitors can see them all over the year.

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