Rokiskis town park named Lionginas Sepka


The park with wooden sculptures in Rokiskis town was established behind the municipality building. It is dedicated for remembrance of the most famous whittler of XX c. Lionginas Sepka (1907-1985). Exteriors of creation of sculptures were organized by Rokiskis area museum. In 2000 museum officers prepared a project – “Wood whittling: ethnic traditions under impact of XXI c. innovations” (originally: „Medzio drozyba: etnines tradicijos XXIa. naujoviu itakoje”). Its target – to propagate originality of Lionginas Sepka, to immortalize his remembrance, to stimulate wood whittlers for looking new expression measures more hardily by saving ethic traditions at the moment. The project was primarily supported by RL Ministry of Culture Fund for support of culture and sports, and Rokiskis municipality gave a huge park for future sculptures located by living micro area. The park was almost without marks of vitality: there were no seats, people used to run through it shorting their way to old town. During 9 years the most famous Lithuanian wood whittlers have created 68 sculptures. They improvised on themes of creation and living of L. Sepka seeking to open their own creative individuality as well.

We will find functional sculptures in the park as well. If you are tired, you will be able to sit on them. Rokiskis population took a fancy to the sculpture park under creation that has revived and attracts to entry not only local citizens, but also tourists. Infrastructure of the park was settled using finances received from international project INTERREG A.
Sculptures park created by Lithuanian wood whittlers is perfect immortality of remembrance of L. Sepka. Not only immortality. Park will show the status of XXI c. wood whittling for future generations: its advantages and disadvantages, searches and wrong ways of wood masters.

1. Fragment of sculptures park. Photographed by Gintautas Dainys in 2003.
2. Adolfas Teresius sculpture „Stranger“. Photographed by Gintautas Dainys in 2003.
3. Fragment of sculptures park Photographed by Gintautas Dainys in 2004.
4. Gintaras Varnas sculpture „Twittering birdie“. Photographed by Darius Baltakys in 2006.
5. Followers have whittled birdies-seats in exterior in 2007. Nearby seat of teacher A. Sriubiskis „Do not foreswear”. Photographed by Darius Baltakys
6. Rokiskis town park named after Lionginas Sepka in 2007. On the left side - Adolfas Teresius and Kestutis Krasauskas sculpture „ Explosion“, on the right side – Dovydas
Teresius seat „Ship of birds “. Photographed by Darius Baltakys
7. Theme of 2008 exterior „Soliders“. Kestutis Krasauskas and Saulius Lampickas sculptures. Photographed by Dalia Kiukiene.

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